The Terre di Vendicari Resort is a wonderful location to enjoy moments of relaxation and get back in shape wrapped around blooming nature, immersed in the charming atmosphere our Oasis.

The Terre di Vendicari  Resort dates back to the height of the Bourbon period, and its current condition is the result of skilful restoration and renovation efforts of the splendid 1740 farmhouse featuring a beautiful adjoining mill, which was built forty years later.

Treat yourself to a pure wellness holiday in our beautiful farmhouse immersed in an oasis of peace, nature, luscious lemon and olive groves, centuries-old carob and almond trees, where you can walk in absolute tranquility, enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool with panoramic views on the Vendicari Oasis or a refreshing sauna among centuries-old olive trees, or even ride a mountain bike.

The Resort is just a few kilometers from the village of Noto, a small baroque jewel perched atop a plateau overlooking the Asinaro valley, where at dusk lights turns the color of majestic buildings into gold, and whose historic center has been declared a World Heritage site and a “Baroque” world capital. The Resort also boasts culture and beautiful beaches overlooking crystal clear waters and fishing villages, like that of Marzamemi, rich of timeless charm.

Born as a farm estate filled with organic Primofiore lemon groves, centuries-old olive and carob trees, and the famous Avola almond trees, the Resort is a magical place chosen by many swarms of bees that produce honey on site.

The luscious garden full of plants and flowers of every kind also includes 1800 specimen of paddle cacti (typical of Sicily) that seem to stand guard to the oasis of peace in which the Resort is located.

In Vendicari, guests travel back in time, rediscovering scents, colors and dormant feelings, finding themselves in a particular dimension that set our Resort apart from all others.

Our History
The current owners of the Terre di Vendicari Resort discovered by chance the beauty of this place wrapped in the charm of an unknown and unspoiled Sicily, with its dry stone walls that cut unpaved roads, tiny villages, shouts at fish markets, but also the deafening silence of the countryside.

Fascinated by these unique traits, they decided to invest strength and energy to restore the ancient rural buildings on the property to turn structures into an elegant resort, while also preserving their authenticity and historical value.