Oasi di Vendicari Reserve

The Vendicari Oasis is a beautiful and attractive nature reserve of 1,512 hectares located between the villages of Noto and Pachino in the province of Siracusa, which offers some of the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian Coast: uncontaminated and crystal clear sea awarded 4 blue sails by Legambiente.

Vendicari Oasis with breathtaking scenery, lush vegetation, crystal clear sea, long and golden sandy beaches and rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.

Inside the Vendicari Oasis, guests can admire several archaeological and architectural settlements from the Greek, Byzantine and Medieval periods, such as the Swabian Tower of Vendicari located on the shore of the Vendicari Oasis bay, which was used as a lookout point from possible enemy attacks.

Thanks to its geographical location, the Oasis is a stopping point in the migration of magnificent specimens of animals such as flamingos, herons, mallards and storks that birdwatchers can admire and photograph all year long in specially built huts.

For lovers of tradition, a not-to-miss destination is the Tonnara of Vendicari, one of the symbols of the Vendicari Oasis and representative of the ancient tuna fishing and processing tradition passed down for generations in Sicily.

The Vendicari Oasis is a must-see location for those who visit Sicily: a unique nature reserve that leaves visitors breathless.


If you are interested in living in close contact with nature, the Vendicari Oasis is your destination!

With its three itineraries, the Vendicari Oasis offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a one-of-a-kind natural paradise.

1. The Blue Route
DEPARTURE: Eloro beach
ARRIVAL: Calamosche beach
POINTS OF INTEREST: Eloro Beach - Marianelli Beach - Calamosche Beach

2. The Orange Route
AREA RESERVE: Center North
DEPARTURE: Vendicari main entrance
ARRIVAL: Calamosche beach
POINTS OF INTEREST: Beach Vendicari - Tuna reserve - Swabian tower - Calamosche Beach

3. The Green Route
AREA RESERVE: Center South
DEPARTURE: Entrance to the town of Maccari
ARRIVAL: Vendicari tuna reserve
POINTS OF INTEREST: Maccari - Byzantine necropolis - Trigona - Tuna reserve


The Vendicari Oasis features long golden beaches among the most beautiful of the Ionian Coast:

  • Eloro beach
  • Marianelli beach
  • Calamosche beach
  • Vendicari beach
  • San Lorenzo beach

expanses of clear fine sand beaches with pristine and crystal clear sea awarded 4 blue sails by Legambiente!
Must-see beaches to spend hours of relaxation, dipping into the pure, crystal clear water to remember forever.

Eloro beach

Located in the northern portion of the Vendicari Oasis reserve, close to the Noto beach.

The Eloro beach features a sandy coastline, with a floor sloping gently out to sea, but also rocky stretches in the area near the mouth of the Tellaro River.

Guests can park their car in the dedicated area close to the beach, and walk on the wooden walkway, passing through remains of the ancient Greek city of Eloro, among dunes and finally reach the sandy shoreline where they can dip into crystal clear water.

The beach is also equipped with bar and showers, useful after an intense day at the beach!

Marianelli beach

Located in the northern portion of the Vendicari Oasis, between the beaches of Aeolus and Clamosche, the Marianelli beach is wild and unspoiled, nestled among lemon and almond trees and sand dunes adorned with a very unique flora.

It is one of the favorite destinations for locals, and especially for naturalists who love peace and privacy: the beach offers a sandy coastline with some rocky sections, and pure crystal water.

Calamosche beach

It is the most famous beach of the Vendicari Oasis, located on its northernmost portion.

It is known by the locals as “Funni Musca” (Cala Mosche).

The beach is a sandy cove bordered by two rocky headlands which shelter it from currents, and, therefore, features calm crystal-clear waters that are ideal for snorkelers: deep seabed, caves, hollows and ravines are home to a diverse marine life and a beautiful natural pool.

In 2005, it was dubbed “Italy’s most beautiful beach” by the Blue Guide of Legambiente.

Vendicari beach

Located in the southern portion of the Oasis, between the beaches of Calamosche and San Lorenzo, this beach is one of the most fascinating of the entire Reserve.

Very long sandy beach with shallow and blue-green water, enhanced by the proximity of the Swabian Tower (fortified structure dating back to the fifteenth-century) and the remains of the Tuna Reserve, a charming archaeological area surrounded by the ancient fishermen's houses.

A unique landscape and one of the most fascinating coasts of the Vendicari Reserve.

San Lorenzo beach

Located just outside the southern boundary of the Vendicari Oasis Reserve.

It features blue and deep sea bottom, great beaches and small sandy coves.

Fine clear sand lapped by crystal clear turquoise sea.

It is ideal for families: it also allows younger children to enjoy the sea in complete safety and tranquility.

The coastline is well equipped with facilities and services that ensure full relaxation.