A splendid 1740 farmhouse

A luscious garden

Luscious lemon and olive groves, centuries-old carob and almond trees,
where you can walk in absolute tranquility, enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool with panoramic
views on the Vendicari Oasis or a refreshing sauna among centuries-old olive trees.


Extra virgin olive oil

Terre di Vendicari extra virgin olive oil is a 100% Italian product produced in Sicily. Produce with the use of olives from our trees of the “Terre di Vendicari” estate which fall into a territory with a very high olive-growing vocation: south-eastern Sicily. The careful selection of the olives and the passage to the milling within the same day, give our oil an absolute quality.

Rich aroma and unique green olive flavor, ideal for enhancing any dish, served after cooking or raw. It does not contain preservatives or other artificial essences.
The dark colored bottle maintains the characteristics and peculiarities of the product unaltered.

Format 75 cl. packaged in an elegant light green box.



Terre di Vendicari limoncello is produced using the best lemon peel from our estate, the “femminello siracusano”.
To guarantee its yellow-green color, we only use “verdello” or also called “summer lemon”, known precisely for its characteristic green color, with an intense aroma produced by the essential oils present in its peel.

Balanced taste and intense aroma typical of Sicilian lemons. The production method is artisanal: the lemons, immediately after harvesting, are selected and peeled by hand, in order to obtain a very thin peel, without the white part that would make the liqueur bitter. The skins are immersed in pure alcohol and remain there for a few days. Subsequently, the infusion is mixed with a solution of water and sugar, without adding flavorings or dyes. Includes an elegant yellow box

A splendid 1740 farmhouse

From the plants present in our garden,
we produce typical local products of quality extraordinary taste,
natural and untreated products with the taste of the past


Our beautiful garden yields local organic products of extraordinary quality and taste that remind us of flavors from the past; moreover, we select from local producers



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